A Journey to Generosity
October 5, 2017, 9:00 AM

“Put simply, life is a God-given opportunity to become who we are, to affirm our own true spiritual nature, claim our truth, appropriate and integrate the reality of our being, but most of all, to say ‘Yes’ to the One who calls us the Beloved.”

~ Henri J.M. Nouwen

Dear Ones,

Life is an opportunity and a journey — a journey to saying “Yes” to the God who calls us Beloved.  Life is a journey to love, to welcome and to invite; a journey to create peace and to live generously.

Bishop Robert C. Wright of Atlanta has written:

When we give, we are participating in the personhood of God. We are participating in what is most real in the universe — God's inexhaustibleness!  We are making God real in the world by lending God our flesh through partnership.”

The “Journey to Generosity” is about participating in God’s inexhaustibleness. But first we must believe that God’s love, healing, and forgiveness are inexhaustible.  We must overcome our
trepidation about God’s nature so that we can say “Yes” to God’s call to partnership.

If this sounds like a great risk, consider also these words of Bishop Wright: “When we give, you might say, we are rolling the dice in a game, the outcome of which we are already certain. God is love. And loving is giving.”

I invite you this year to take the risk of believing the outcome is certain and to participate in the inexhaustibleness of God by confidently joining our journey to greater generosity.

Please consider committing to a standard of giving that reflects your standard of living. For many, that means giving 10 percent (the biblical tithe) of their income to God’s work through Christ Episcopal Church.  For others, tithing is a goal they are working toward by increasing their giving two or three percent each year.

Let us walk together on this Journey to Generosity so the glory of God might shine brighter through the mission and ministries of Christ Church!


   ~ Evelyn+