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May 4, 2017, 2:19 PM

A Thank You from Bp Jennifer; A Reflection from Mother Evelyn

Our New Bishop

The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows has issued an initial statement of thanks:

I've been searching all day for the words of gratitude to express how thankful I am to everyone who has prayed, worked, journeyed to Clowes Hall or watched online, offered musical leadership, baked, cooked, preached, gave of their creative gifts and participated in any way over this past weekend--and I come up short. I'm utterly overwhelmed by the love and generosity shown to me and my family.  The list of those I want to thank is long and I look forward to delivering proper thanks in the days to come.  So many made sacrifices of time away from work and family for months on end to make this glorious consecration weekend possible.  As preacher extraordinaire, Jeffrey Lee noted, Hoosier hospitality is a thing---and so is our music, liturgy, artistry, design, and community partnership. You not only showed the world what you can do but you showed them who you ARE. There could not be a more amazing start to our new ministry together.

This from Mother Evelyn:

It was such a privilege to be able to participate in the festivities surrounding the retirement of Bishop Cate and the ordination of Bishop Jennifer, even though I had no official “role” to play.  It’s too bad the weather was so foul on Saturday that those parishioners who hoped to join us were unable to travel safely to Indianapolis!  Fortunately, the events were streamed online and can be
found on YouTube.

There was almost enough singing for my taste! There were tears and cheers, clergy-dancing (a special class of awkward), brass, drums, handbells, and enough bishops to fill a small country, plus over a thousand other joyful watchers.  If you’ve been on Facebook, I’ve been posting links to articles and news broadcasts (I will put some of these on the website also) so you can get to know +Jennifer a little better. 

Bishop Cate has retired, and will be spending a month or so on vacation in the Caribbean; then, she says, she and Larry will be staying in Indianapolis, and maybe even visiting churches around the diocese – who knows, we may see her again!  Meanwhile, she will remain as one of the advisors to the Anglican Centre in Rome, and of course, she remains in the House of Bishops.

Bishop Jennifer will be spending quite a bit of time in listening and discernment in the Diocese – more on that as information comes available.  We haven’t seen her full official visitation schedule yet, although she will be confirming folks in Columbus on May 13, and she will be joining us for the Ulster Evensong on July 19.

The diocese of Indianapolis has made history in her election; now we will make history in our time together!

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