Busy Season Is Upon Us!
October 27, 2016, 12:00 AM

We’re coming up on one of the church’s busiest seasons – I know that we are still decrying the fact that Christmas items are in the stores already (after all, it’s still weeks and weeks till Christmas!), but we are now in a heavy planning period. 

First up, of course, is finalizing the arrangements for this Sunday’s Mulberry Street brunch (11AM - 1PM).  I know I put this in red ink on the front page – but I will say it again:  There will only be one service on Sunday, October 30, at 9:00. 

We will actually start the service as we do at 8:00 (with no prelude and no opening hymn) and finish as if it were our 10:00 liturgy.  The choir will be with us to lead us in the Psalm, and there will also be a choir anthem.  Our greeters, readers, and servers will come from both services. 

Many thanks to Tabitha Tolbert, who has organized this community brunch, and to all those who have lent aid and food and funds to the effort!

On Monday, October 31, you are invited to join with Resurrection Lutheran, Hanover Presbyterian, Smryna-Monroe Presbyterian, and CEC at 4:30 to mark All Hallows Eve and Bless the Trick-or-Treaters. (4882 W Deputy Pike) – come in costume; bring the grandkids!

On Sunday, November 6, we will celebrate All Saints Sunday.  We would like to commemorate all those we remember with love, so please provide names of your departed loved ones to Karen in the office by Wednesday, November 1!

Looking a little further down the pike, we are working with a few other churches in our community in the run-up to Election Day to offer a “Service of Light and Prayer for the Nation” on Monday evening, November 7 (time TBD), and “Election Day Communion” on Tuesday, November 8 (6:30 PM, after the polls have closed).  

We are one country, and as Christians, we have a calling to love our neighbor as ourselves; both these occasions will provide us with a chance to remember that, and to hold onto that thought.

Finally, and not to be forgotten, we are making great strides for St Cecilia (Friday, November 18, 7:30 PM).  If you would like to help with setting up an art installation, we could use your talents!  We will feature works by Hal Davis and other local artists.  This will be our first venture into the visual arts!  (Yes, we are excited!)

Given all that is going on – whether in the life of Christ Church or in your own lives, you may wonder how to keep your balance – and I’m not always the best example, I freely admit!  But I am finding it helpful to schedule a time to get out of the office and walk, even if it’s only for ten minutes! 

And if I can find one word/image in the Scriptures to hold in my mind, this becomes a meditative and prayerful act.  Some of the words I have used are: ‘beloved,” “forgiven,” and “timeless.”  What’s your word for today?