Change Is Afoot ... again!
July 2, 2015, 2:07 PM

Sometimes change comes fast

Are we ever really ready for change?

It seems to me that we all complain about how fast things have changed, but I wonder if it’s not so much that “things” change (although they certainly do) but that we don’t.

The last couple weeks have seen some pretty serious changes in our culture.  Somehow the murders in Charleston finally motivated governments to remove the Confederate Battle Flag, Even the National Cathedral is affected, as two of its wonderful stain glass windows show the CBF – and no one thought much about it until last week.  It has suddenly become a great moral issue.  I would argue that it has always been a great moral issue, as many have for decades, but suddenly, one more murder seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Change was coming, but it surprised us on arrival.  We never thought we’d see this “in our lifetime.”

Another huge change is the legalization of marriage for same-sex couples, every-where, all at once, after years and years of effort in the states.  Change was coming, but it surprised us on arrival.  We never thought we’d see this “in our lifetime.”

One columnist I read recently spoke of “tectonic” change.  He described how pressure builds and builds along a fault, and suddenly one day, even though we knew it would come some-day, there is a huge earthquake, and we are surprised. Every time.

God is like that, I think.  We go along with our lives pretty much in the same way for years, and suddenly one day, a particular bit of Scripture or a sense that a prayer has been answered (not always to our liking, but definitely answered), and we see what we never noticed before and everything is changed. 

When we reflect back, we see the signs of change, but only once the change has taken place.  It’s a mystery!

Think about someone like Paul, who was happily persecuting the followers of Christ, and then one day, pow!  Suddenly he is Christ’s advocate.

And he never saw it coming.

That’s true for every single person in the Bible that God calls into service.  That’s true for us, as well.  It’s okay, really! 

We are called by God to change, we are made by God for change, and we are made and called by God to bring God’s change to the world.