Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly
June 23, 2016, 8:23 AM

We are surrounded by answers.  It can be hard to tell, though, whether they are good answers, bad answers, or God’s answers.  This is particularly true if we don’t necessarily know what questions to ask.  Does it ever seem to you that we sometimes seek questions to the answers we already have? 

Which of course, reminds me of our all-too-human tendency to find the right answers in Scripture that support the ones we already have decided.

We like to think we understand how the world works, how society works – or doesn’t – and why people do the things they shouldn't and don’t do the things they should.  (Did you see what I did there?  If not, check out Romans 7:15, 19.)

This tendency possesses the news media – why did Omar Muteen shoot up a gay nightclub a week and a half ago?  Ideas abound, but evidence for any of them is slim.  Likely, it was a combination of factors that led him down the road of death and destruction.  Lots of people have answers, but how do we know if they are right?

The question now is, what do we do about it?  Again, we see lots of answers – more guns, or less guns, more background checks, or more warrantless searches or more understanding or more education or more of this or more of that.  It’s frustratingly difficult to find solutions to what is essentially chaos. 

But I can tell you what it looks like when things are right, and it looks like St. Paul’s list of the fruits of the spirit: “…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faith, humility, self-control.”  [Gal. 5:22-23]

When darkness descends, only light can end it.  When hatred descends, only love can stop it.  When fear descends, only hope can withstand it. 

Pray for peace, pray for understanding, pray for justice, and then, beloved, act in peace, seek understanding, and strive for justice.


(Art (c) 2016, Shannon Dattilo.  Used by permission.)