From Bishop Cate - Regarding the Bishop Search

July 11, 2016

Dear Friends,

We now have before us the names of four nominees, presented by our Search Committee, for the eleventh bishop of Indianapolis.

The process of searching for a new bishop is arduous, and takes time, prayer, and dedication.  What we believe about discernment in The Episcopal Church is that it is a community effort. Discernment about vocations to diaconate, priesthood, and episcopate are the business of the whole community, guided by the Holy Spirit.  

You were invited to participate in listening sessions, to provide input to the profile which introduced us to the Church in this search, and have been praying weekly for those who were entrusted with the responsibility of sorting through literally dozens of applications, conducting interviews, and contacting references in order to bring us the names of persons - any one of whom may become our next bishop.  We thank them for the prayerful way in which they have gone about their work, and now must do our part in the next phase of the process.

Our search committee entered into this work with the goal of identifying those candidates which best matched our stated goals, and who had experience which would seem to prepare them well for episcopal ministry among us.  None of the candidates has experience as a bishop -- very few ever do! :-)

Now we learn what we can about our nominees, attend the 'walk about' sessions scheduled in October, ask questions, and share our thoughts and feelings with our delegates to the diocesan convention.

In all of this we know that God loves the Diocese of Indianapolis even more than we do -and will guide us in choosing a person who will serve ably as our new bishop.

Please know that this process has primacy of place in my own prayers -- and that I look forward to our election, to welcoming our new bishop, and to releasing to her or him the ministry which has been mine for more than nineteen years.   It is not an easy thing to think about -- I will miss this ministry and all of you very much. But no ministry is unending, though the affection which has accompanied it surely endures. 

Blessings to all of you as you do the continuing work of discerning and choosing the eleventh Bishop of Indianapolis.  I will give thanks for my time as your bishop for all of my days.....



Information about the nominees can be accessed at :

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