Inundation (10/8/2015)
October 8, 2015, 12:00 AM

Spinning world.

Yes the world is spinning!  There is so much in the news that is disturbing or exciting and whether it is the first or the second, it seems, often depends as much on one’s personal predilections as on the news itself.

News coverage is dominated by the presidential race already, and the stores are filling with decorating and gift ideas for Christmas. 

Some are celebrating marriage equality while others see it as a sign of the apocalypse, or at least as the moral failure of America. 

Gun violence leads to public polemic faster than practically every other subject.

I’ve received a few invitations to join other Christians in prayer for a “revival” in America, that will lead people back to the God we are so energetically dismissing from every aspect of public life (as it seems to them).  It’s hard to know what to do with these invitations.  I’m definitely in favor of prayer, but I’m not eager to ask God to help us eliminate marriage equality, for example, or to provide protections for business owners to refuse service to members of the GLBT community.

I am sympathetic to anyone who finds the world changing around them too quickly to understand or adapt.  I feel that way about climate change, or the near-epidemic of gun violence that assails us nowadays.

I think we are at a time when we need to reexamine what we hold dear, and what’s worth speaking about, for, or against.  But the question is how does one do that in a constructive, thoughtful, and life-giving manner?

I recently came across something Joan Chittister wrote in her book Called to Question.  After reminding the reader that God created everything from nothing, she wrote that “Whatever we become as the years go by comes out of the nothingness with which we started.  Life itself presents the raw material of our shaping, not ourselves.  We do not come into this world full-blown.  We come in becoming and we go on becoming all our lives.”

When I get all wound up over the state of the world, of politics, of society and of culture, or my own semi-crazed life, I find it is helpful to remind myself that God is present throughout, wherever and whenever and whatever, and that God desires nothing more than that we remember we are created to love and be loved.

That reminder forces me to seek the “beauty way” and not the “angry way.”

I don’t always find it easy; but I do find it helpful