It's a New Year! Lots on the Horizon
January 10, 2019, 1:00 PM

Who wants to serve on Vestry?  We only meet once a month!  But in that time, we work hard to address issues and questions and even problems that our whole church community, and even at times our neighborhoods, may be facing and raising.  It's an important job, yet one you may find intriguing, fulfilling, and even fun!  PLUS, you'll be working with great people who love God and our church! 

The qualifications are set forth in our bylaws: you must have been a member for 2 years or more; and most but not all vestry members must be confirmed.  That's it! 

If you have ideas to help make Christ Church even better than it is already, the Vestry is one great place to bring them to fruition!

Meanwhile I cannot express my thanks enough to those who have volunteered to serve on Vestry up till now.  Your dedication, team spirit, and perseverance, and your willingness to think outside the box, help make Christ Church the special place it is, and brighten our common future.

And, here we are. Christmas is behind us, the Wise Men are headed home by "another road," the altar cloths will change back to green in another week (following the celebration of Christ's Baptism this Sunday), and the fuss and flurry of the holidays will quieten.  Now is the perfect time to stop and take a deep breath (yes, yet another one!) and consider the ways in which God is made manifest in our daily lives. 

This year, Epiphany is a long season - we don't enter Lent until March 6 (Ash Wednesday) - so we have time to relax and enjoy God made manifest, not only in the birth of the Christ child, but in the work of Christ - and ourselves - in the world.

As we prepare for our Annual Meeting on February 3, I would also like to ask you to plan on attending our Christian Ed classes that run from February 10 to March 3, 9:10-9:45 AM.  We will be offering a review and discussion opportunity on Race in America - never an easy topic to tackle!  Aaron Lynch and I are designing a program that we hope will be as much reconciling as challenging, and help us all understand better the perspectives of People of Color, and our own assumptions and hopes.

In that vein, I ask you to seriously consider signing up for a workshop on Implicit Bias, being offered by St. Paul's Church, New Albany, on Saturday, February 2.  (For information on this program, see page 6, below.)  You can register online at, call their church at (812) 944-0413, or just let me know you would like to attend.  The cost is $10/person, and the workshop runs from 9:00 AM to Noon.  Carpooling is recommended.

Finally, you will find on the next page a chart for you to fill out and return to the office by Sunday, February 10.  This chart will help us complete the annual Parochial Report, which now requires data on our ministry and outreach activities.  I know so many of you are involved in important ways to help members of our wider community; let's be sure and share that good news with the Church! 

Much love and many blessings to you all!

Faithfully,  Evelyn+