Let it Flow!
March 31, 2016, 3:29 PM

  Since my fall back in January, my life has been disrupted. In the early days of my recuperation, I realized I was going to have to learn to walk all over again – and that meant I needed to keep my focus on one thing at a time.  Something that most of us picked up by the time we were two was no longer as easy as it used to seem!  Which muscles make the leg stand firm? Which muscles make the leg move forward or backward?  Which muscles move the leg up or down?  All these questions required thought and reflection, and, in the beginning, sheer will power to make the right muscle do the right thing.

  I also found myself tiring at alarming rates – a simple transfer from bed to wheelchair would have me puffing for air. Short ventures – ten feet or so – would make me light-headed.

  It all comes down to what I have taken to calling “flow.”  I have to get my “flow” back.  If I walk, I have to walk for a while to get settled in my pace, and comfortable in my moving. As I do my exercises, I need to make sure that my stance is stable.

  As it happens, the religious life, in fact, pretty much all of life, calls for the same kind of attention if we want to make any progress at all!

  I’m very prone to distractions. I might be working on something (such as writing this column), and a thought flits through my brain (I need to call so-and-so), and … I lose my flow. The problem seems to be finding those islands of time for focused attention when the world around me is spinning along outside of my control – and worse, the world inside me seems to do the same!

  I wish I had some good advice to offer on ways to create and maintain flow!  I could use it.  And I could share it with you, because I suspect that many of you are in a similar situation.  I don’t mean that you are learning to walk again, but that you may be pulled in some many different directions, you don’t even know you are walking at all.

  I can assure you, that way danger lies! Because something might trip you up that is totally unexpected. All I can counsel is that you work hard to pay attention to the thing in front of you, because it is worth your full mind. Let it flow!