Peace and Justice - Montgomery AL
June 27, 2019, 12:00 AM

Thank you, it was a good vacation.  Not always easy; in fact there were some pretty hair-raising moments, but all in all, the challenges were probably good for me.  I won’t say that backing my car into a post in a pouring rainstorm felt great, but fortunately, I was going very slowly and there is no damage done to me or the car—or the post!

If you were in church or have looked at our Facebook page, you know that I went to the Peace and Justice Memorial in Montgomery, AL.  You can read or hear about it in my June 30 sermon on our website.   This memorial remembers over 4,400 people who were lynched in our country from the 1870s up till 1950.  And although I know that the KKK was founded in Indiana, I was shocked to learn that 18 persons were lynched in our state between 1878 and 1930.  I can’t imagine the level of hate that allowed such crimes to be committed; and I still wonder at the level of invective that people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, Hispanics, and so many others are still subjected to.  It isn’t right, people.  It isn’t right.

I also spoke about local efforts to address harassment and hostility in our community.  There are many people dedicated to improving the situation, to help with reconciliation and healing, and to offer learning and training to open our eyes and our hearts to those among us who are not like us.  There is a lot of angry discourse in the public arena; the best answer to that is discourse that stresses the benefits of love for our neighbors, and to stand up for those who are marginalized.