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April 12, 2018, 1:51 PM

So much and then more...

On Sunday, April 15, we will be tying and blessing the first two prayer quilts created by the Prayers and Squares Ministry
Be sure to come! 

This is a new venture for us.  We invite you, as you return from the altar after receiving communion, to tie a knot in each quilt, saying a prayer for each quilt’s recipient.  We will offer a special blessing over the quilts after communion.  As we knot the ties, we remember that “prayer is the knot that holds our fabric of life together.” (Cheryl Louie, San Diego chapter)

These quilts will be given to Carole Sloan and Debbie Taylor. 


I will be away April 23-30, for two events:  the Spring Clergy Retreat at Waycross, where we will be learning about “fierce conversations”; after which I will be taking some personal time to attend a friend’s wedding in Ontario. Fr. Tim Hallett will be here on Sunday the 29th.

  I am grateful to the Vestry for allowing me to disappear the week after Easter – I have pretty well caught up on my sleep and feel more rested than I have in a long time!  I realize that we all have many demands and desires for our time that simply eat us alive and spit us out a moldy mess.  It’s easy enough to say, “I’m not going to do that myself!” but it’s not so easy to follow through!

I have the same problem with prayer as I do with sleep – I settle in, and after a couple minutes, all the things I’ve shelved till later start hopping off the shelves – the cats are bored or hungry; the laundry is just sitting there; the dishes need to be washed; and on and on.  Everything needs to be done.

This Week offers a case in point –

On Monday, we had Bible Study in the morning, and then I called on four parishioners, which took up the whole afternoon. 

Tuesday was pretty open on my schedule after the monthly sponsors meeting at the Clearinghouse so I took advantage of some free time to put away the Holy Week and Easter materials until next Spring.  We also had several people come in requesting financial assistance.

And I had an event in the evening, so I cut out for a couple hours to avoid having a 12-hour day. 

Wednesday, I had a visitor who needed half an hour, then a couple of our members came in to make sure we would have video for the Hoe-Down Karaoke, the bishop called; the bishop’s secretary called; and I scheduled an afternoon parish visit.

Wednesdays are when we try to finalize all the bulletins, prayers, announcements, and flyers for the coming Sunday worship.  Karen has been updating the information for servers, printing out the lessons, pulling the music for Starla, and selecting the picture for the bulletin cover.  I add a prayer of preparation, and make any necessary adjustments for special liturgical items – such as the prayer quilt blessing this Sunday – and then Karen pulls all the documents together for me to check. 

On top of that, this week is Epistle week, plus the bishop and some of my Episcopal clergy colleagues are coming for lunch Thursday.  So that’s even more information gathering, organizing, and writing to prepare.

It never stops!  And that’s a good thing, in many ways – it says we are a vibrant and active parish, engaged in the world, supporting each other, and worshiping together.  I think that’s what church is supposed to be about, don’t you?

This week’s “Rector’s Blog” is not the most philosophical or theological reading, perhaps, but it does reflect my efforts to live out my faith in this community. 

I just want you to know that I appreciate you all so very much!  I pray for you every day.  I wish you well, and many, many blessings. God’s grace be with you!


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