Stabilization and the Future
February 11, 2015, 12:00 AM

I’m turning part of my column over to Wayne Kyle, of Woodburn and Kyle, for a progress report on the upcoming Capital Campaign. I am very encouraged and excited to see this effort “bearing seeds,” and I am confident that soon these seeds will bear fruit.

Fixing the buildings is important to our parish community: here we center our lives in shared acts of service and worship; here we re-charge ourselves for the days to come; here we re-connect with one another; and here we pray together for one another and the world.  These buildings mean so much to us because of what happens here.

Our long-term goal is to be able to dedicate these buildings not only to our own use, but to our local community as well.  What needs in our neighborhood can we help meet?  What treasures do we have to share with our neighbors, with visitors and guests, with co-travelers, and with seekers and questioners
and skeptics? 

I ask that you consider these questions with a prayerful heart and mind as we go forward.  I fully and firmly believe that the Holy Spirit has a goal in mind for us:  that we find that point where our deepest joy and the world’s greatest need in this time and place meet, and then sharpen it with all that we are. 

Together we are strong.  Together we are faithful. Together we are able!


And now, here’s Wayne:

Since work began in January, the campaign structure has come a long way.  Informational and solicitation materials are almost ready and will be provided to prospects for their gifts consideration.  In addition, the database is being finalized and the leadership is just about all in place.  Currently, the leadership is attending Orientation Meetings to learn about their campaign roles.

The Stabilization Campaign will kick-off with an Informational Event on Monday, March 2, in the Great Hall from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, for all members of the Congregation and friends (refreshments provided).  The program will include short speeches from the leadership.   Attendance brings the Congregation together and provides crucial information about the Campaign.  The solicitation phase will extend through May.