Study Plans for the New Year
January 13, 2015, 3:00 PM

Thank you, I had a very nice vacation in New Mexico!  I did catch another cold, but I also got to spend several days with two of my former Foreign Service colleagues.  We visited Pecos National Historic Site and toured a ranch house that belonged to the actress Greer Garson.  We spent a day in a hot springs spa at Ojo Caliente, and we visited many stores where lovely crafts and art works are sold.  And of course, we had fabulous food and I even got some extra sleep!

While I was away, you were never far from my thoughts!  I came back with an extensive list of things to do and I am eager to get started!

I’m hoping to schedule an early start on our next round of classes in The Restoration Project – this class will be a five-session course on the Bible (obviously, we won’t be studying anything in depth; the course is actually designed to bring us into dialogue with the texts in a deeply spiritual way – less “fact” more “faith,” as it were.  This is not all bad: the Bible, if anything, is intended to help us deepen our relationship with God and each other in a felt way.

I’m also eager to start a new class in the Theology of Marriage – given the recent changes in the law regarding marriage equality, the Bishop has requested that we spend some time on the subject.  We will be using the book, First Comes Love?, which was written by The Rev. John C.  Morris (who was, as it happens, the priest at the Episcopal Church in my home town in Vermont at one point). 

A third class I’m considering will be in Lent, being a devotional study on the Sundays in Lent between the 8:00 and 10:00 services. If you’d like to help with any of these classes, by all means let me know!

We have a committee of interested persons to research options to provide an after-school music program for elementary school children in the neighborhood.  If you are interested, too, please speak to Starla Raley, Jan Vetrhus, or Peggy Hans!

Religious blogger Wayne Flint recently wrote that the fastest-growing demographic in America is unbelief.  If people come to church it is “for wholeness and for forgiveness and for grace and for serenity and for peace.”   If that’s you, too, and you want to learn how to convey what you gain from being a member of Christ Church, be on the lookout for our final educational offering:  Talking about our Faith.  I am working to set up some options, perhaps a workshop, on just that topic, featuring a guest presenter from the Diocese.