The Church Buildings and Grounds


The Church Buildings and Grounds


Christ Church’s grounds sit at the northeast corner of Mulberry and East Third Streets in Madison. The church building is in a Gothic Revival style, completed in 1850. Its nave can accommodate several hundred churchgoers. A recently added columbarium is attached on the south, or garden side, of the church.

Next to it, on the corner, is the rectory, a Federal-style house built around 1842, and, until a few years ago, the home of the rector.

Sitting to the east of the church is the Great Hall and, beyond that, a garage. The Great Hall was originally constructed in the 1830s, but had considerable additions built in the 1960s and 1970s.

These buildings – Church, Great Hall, and Rectory – form three sides of a square, facing Mulberry Street, in the middle of which is a pleasant garden, an attraction several times on the Madison in Bloom Garden Tour.  The garden is open to the public during daylight hours year-round.  We hope to install a small labyrinth in the coming year.

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