The World's Deep Hunger
May 30, 2019, 2:18 PM

Sometimes I feel as if I live in some kind of bubble.  I am rapidly feeling silenced by more and more outrageous events to which I can only respond with a gaping mouth and a breaking heart.  Gay couples should not have their cars set on fire, or be shot at, by their neighbors.  Refugees and asylum seekers should not be dying in the desert or in custody.  Our country should not be subjected to election interference by Russia or any other nation.  Children should not be shamed at school because their parents did not pay the lunch fees.  Oklahoma should not be drowning, and the Arctic should not be melting.  But all these things are happening, and there is no obvious end in sight. 

I preach about loving God and loving our neighbor because I firmly believe that this is the best way to follow Jesus.  But I also am afraid that  the damage we see around us will not be resolved any time soon, and to resolve it will take much more effort and much more hardship than most of us have any idea is needed, or desire to undertake.  What  then shall we do? 

Let us remember that God is with us, present among us, making Godself known to us in ways that we don’t expect and can’t predict.  How has Jesus, in the forty days since his Resurrection, presented himself alive to us, to you?  God is ready to show us our next steps; can we wait for God to do that?  We live in a world in such deep need, even in our own need—what has God given us that we can offer in this hour?

Frederick Buechner has defined each person’s calling as  “the place where [one’s] deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet. ”

What is your deep gladness?  What world’s hunger does it meet?