Where does the time go?
February 25, 2015, 12:00 AM

I am always struck by the swiftness with which each new season of the Church Year arrives.  Somehow, in the focus on seeing to it that this Sunday’s liturgy is set and the sermon is written, I lose the longer-term outlook that warns of things still over the horizon, like the rising sun, or the Risen Christ.

I had such hopes for Lent!

Nonetheless, there’s a lot going on:

With luck, you will be seeing some new opportunities for service: we are working on developing a “Lenten Tree” that spotlights needs expressed by the prison, the Salvation Army, and other community groups, for the people they each serve, and we will be asking you to select from a number of choices, should you feel able to do so, and return with the items during Holy Week, for distribution on Easter Monday.

We’ve started our Sunday study of The Screwtape Letters, and had a lively discussion of what it means for us to be what Screwtape termed, “amphibians” – half animal/half spirit.  I’ll be sending out the next selections via email; if you have the book already, please read Letter #10.

We’ve also had the first classes in our series, Essentials of the Bible.  If you were not able to come in week one, you are still welcome in week two! 

Those who were able to attend this week have shared some wonderful insights about what the Scriptures have added to their lives.

There are many, many choices of Lenten disciplines and meditations available on line, easily found with a websearch; I do encourage you to see what appeals to you along those lines.

Here are my favorites for this year: